Strengthen IT security against DDoS attacks

Hardening the security of the IT infrastructure against DDoS attacks is necessary to guarantee the continuous availability and performance of the system. Also called a denial of service attack, this type of attack mainly aims to make a service, an application or a network unavailable, so that its rightful users can no longer access it. Find out how to strengthen your security to no longer suffer this kind of attack.

How a DDoS attack unfolds ?

During a DDos attack, the attacker seeks to exhaust the available resources of an IT infrastructure. You can check my site to see everything. In recent years, these attacks have evolved a lot. They turned into veritable onslaughts involving large volumes of malicious tools accompanied by subtle and difficult-to-detect intrusions. They aim to harm existing applications and security infrastructures. It is possible to distinguish three main categories of DDos attacks. 

This can be a volumetric attack, i.e. an attempt to exhaust bandwidth to cause congestion, within or between the targeted network/service and the rest of the Internet. There are also TCP exhaustion attempts, the objective of which is to asphyxiate the connection state tables of an IT infrastructure (Firewalls, Load Balancers, application servers, etc.). Finally, some attacks only target the application layer. The latter are particularly dangerous as they can cause havoc.

Solution to secure your infrastructures against DDoS attacks

DDos attacks are particularly harmful to today's businesses that rely on IT tools to run their business. They can lead to the unavailability of the information system, and lead to heavy losses. DDos attacks also affect business productivity through the various disruptions they can cause. They open the door to other forms of even more devastating malicious attacks. 

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Fortunately, DDos attacks are usually visible. It is therefore quite possible to protect yourself effectively by shielding the security of your infrastructure against DDos attacks. A protection option can be the implementation of a layered defense strategy aimed at strengthening your security against DDos attacks. In addition, firewalls, anti-DDos detection and neutralization products or intrusion prevention systems to be deployed in the cloud or on site can also be good solutions.